The painting of "shrimp interest" takes the vertical point of thick ink as the eye, the horizontal writing as the brain, the ink turns into gold, and the pen is vivid; the body is drawn with light ink from the bottom of the pen, which shows the shrimp body's crystal clear feeling; the whisker, claw and big claw are written with the tip of the center pen, which is rigid and flexible, concise and vivid, which shows the artist's excellent calligraphy skills. They are lively, sensitive, alert and vital. With the change of pen, the shrimp's waist presents different modality, some bow forward, some wander straight. There are also those who stoop and crawl. The tail is elastic and transparent. A pair of front claws of shrimp, from thin to thick, from several segments to two claws, shaped like pincers, open and close. The antennae of the shrimp are drawn with several light ink lines. It seems easy, but it is extremely difficult: if the painting is vivid, the shrimp's life will come out; if the painting is rigid, it will lose its life. The lines of the shrimp whiskers are soft and hard, like broken and connected, straight and curved, disorderly and orderly. The shrimps on the paper seem to play and swim in the water, and the tentacles seem to move with the water waves.



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