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In the traditional Chinese zodiac, horse ranks seventh. In the twelve Branches of the earth, the horse belongs to the afternoon, which is the time when the trees are exuberant and everything is thriving and full of vitality. At this time, the horse will run around and neigh, so it is also called "noon horse". Horse has a very high status in Chinese culture, with a series of symbols and implications. It is the spirit of the Yellow River, the embodiment of the descendants of the Yellow River, and represents the main spirit and the highest morality of the Chinese nation. Qianyang and Changyang have been equated with the prosperous and vigorous horse in Qianyang and Changyang.

Horse ornaments in geomantic omen means fortune. It's better to put them in Fengshui post horse position, which can improve our good luck to the greatest extent and make our future career development more smooth. However, the horse's head must not be directly facing the house, otherwise it will be detrimental to geomantic omen.

Horse also represents an independent and uninhibited image, which is the sustenance of people's free spirit. It is the realm that people yearn for, and the spirit of elegance and dragon horse is a kind of spirit advocated by Chinese people. Because of this, the horse became the animal that people like to describe most. The ancients often drew Jackie Chan. Zhang Yanyuan of the Tang Dynasty said in his famous paintings of past dynasties: "the ancients painted horses All of them are neck dragon body, which is not like a horse Song Guo Ruoxu's "pictures and news records" also said that the ancients painted horses in "elegant shape and strange shape, which is also the dragon and so on." Du Fu, the poet saint, loves to sing about horses. He also compares good horses to Jackie Chan. There is a famous saying that "the nine true dragons come out of Si Xu, and the ancient horses are washed away.".

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