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Buddha "is generally used as a honorific title for Sakyamuni. Dacheng not only refers to Bai gamuni, but also refers to all those who are fully aware of and do well.

The Sanskrit Buddha transliterates the abbreviation of "Buddha" [Sanskrit Buddha]. They are "the translator", "the perceptual". There are three meanings of consciousness: self-consciousness, awareness of others (to make all living beings aware) and Realization of perfection of practice, which are the highest fruit of Buddhist practice. It is said that ordinary people lack these three items, the last two items are missing in sound, hearing and fate, and the last one is missing in Bodhisattvas. Only Buddha has three items.

The Sanskrit word "Buddha" is the abbreviation of Sakyamuni, the founder of Buddhism. It is also the name of Buddhists to those who practice perfectly: ~ Ye. ~ like. Borrow flowers to offer ~.

Zen is a kind of behavior based on "tranquility", originated from human instinct, developed by ancient ancestors, and formed various systematic cultivation methods, and existed in various sects

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