the vigor of a dragon or horse

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"The dragon horse spirit is the enterprising and progressive spirit of the Chinese nation, which has been advocated by the Chinese nation since ancient times. The ancestors believe that the dragon horse is Renma. It is the spirit of the Yellow River and the embodiment of the descendants of the Chinese people. It represents the main spirit and the highest morality of the Chinese nation. It is eight feet and five inches tall and has a long neck, which makes it look magnificent. The skeleton has wings, and the edge of the wings has a circle of colored sideburns. It makes a loud and harmonious sound at the neck... "

Horse is also a symbol of ability, sages, talents and achievements. The ancients often compared it with "Qianlima". Qianlima is an excellent horse that travels thousands of miles every day. It is said that King Mu of Zhou had eight horses, and often rode him around the world. The names of the eight steeds are: one is called Jedi, which can fly in the air without touching the earth and landing on the ground; the other is Fanyu, which can run faster than the flying birds; one is called Benjing, who travels thousands of miles at night; the other is Chaoying, which can run after the sun; one is called Yuehui, whose color is incomparably brilliant and radiant; one is chaoguang, a horse with ten shadows; the other is Teng Wu, driving clouds One of them is called holding wings. He has wings on his body. He spreads his wings like a giant ROC and flies ninety thousand miles. Some ancient books think of the "eight horses" as eight kinds of fur with different colors. They have good sounding names: Chiji, Liuli, Baiyi, yuelun, Shanzi, Quhuang, Hualiu and lver. In fact, the magic legend of steed is to describe the talented people. Don't really believe it as a myth. In fact, the eight Jun of King Mu of Zhou is a metaphor for his talent group, with outstanding talent and extraordinary ability. Each of them uses his special ability to assist Zhou Tianzi in the great cause of the world. It is a well-known allusion of "thousands of gold to buy bones" to show the deeds of talents with horses.

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